Gift for your employees

A creative way to engage with your hosts at an event or to gift your employees/clients. We offer you The Zelina Worlds in multiple sizes! Furthermore, using 3D printing, we can make you a custom logo, models of buildings, cars or an object of your interest, which will be a part of the ordered terrariums.


To entertain hosts at events can be a challenging matter. How about teaching them about plants, and encouraging playfulness and creativity with stories created by them during a workshop?

We also offer ONLINE workshops.

Plant walls

  • 100% maintenance-free
  • original presentation of your company’s story
  • an opportunity to 3D-print your building(s)
  • a creative way to represent your company
  • from tiny to large-scale versions

Interior design

Realization of plant decoration of the office, common areas, hotels, restaurants, etc.