A healthy and beautiful world needs plenty of humidity, but be careful, humidity could also be too much of a good thing. Therefore, if your world is more than half covered with drops of glass, open it for a few hours and let it “vent”. Otherwise, the plants may start to rot and mold.

Worlds need your care and attention. Therefore, if the soil is beginning to dry out, pour it over with water. Better less than more.

To prevent mold and rot, simply open and ventilate your world for an hour once a week.

If a small mold has appeared in the world, open it immediately, let it dry, and carefully remove it. Observe the world the following days - if the fungus spreads, discard the affected plant. Replace it with a new one, but be sure to wash your hands properly or wear gloves to keep the mold from spreading.

Your world needs sunlight, but if you don‘t want to see a miniature forest fire, keep it away from direct rays.

Remove flies or other insects immediately. If they come back, I recommend buying a bug spray.

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