In case of proper care, your World can live for several years.
It is, however, important to keep in mind that since the World is a living entity, it can be attacked by pests.

Not my own, you can buy my products at PLACE STORE Bratislava.

Well, it is completely up to you – you can either trim them or let them overgrow like a jungle.

Svet si môžete kúpiť v obchode PLACE STORE.

Yes. You can choose up to 3 free figurines for one World, with any additional for 2€.
The selection of the figurines is wide but not infinite. We will gladly provide the portfolio of selection for you.
We can also print a custom model of buildings or logos using a 3D printer.

A wide selection of figurines can be found at the PLACE STORE in Bratislava. Including cyclists, photographers, zombies, children, tourists, vampires, bikers or “ordinary people”.

Our assortment is often changing. We have terrariums in a price range from 19€ to 99€.

All of our plants in the terrariums are living. The plants and mosses on the wall decorations are stabilized by me.

The closed terrariums should not be watered! Each World except the ones with cacti is closed to create the World’s inner climate. The water from the plants condensate to waterdrops, sliding down on the glass wall back to the soil.